Which Docotor Who Character are you?

Which Docotor Who Character are you?

Find out which character you are! Easy and simple just fill it out and get a simple answer with some description!

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What do you think of the Doctor?

He's okay.
He's Awesome!
He's me! >:(
The best ever!
He's Lovely.

Would you describe yourself as....

Fun and Adventuress! I love to go places and do new things!
Sweet and a follower! i am kind to others and will do what i am told... normally.
Ready and Strong! I am ready for anything and strong for everyone.
Fun and Mysteries! I am very fun and outgoing and also a bit Mysteries!
Loving and Crazy! I love everyone and i am friendly and outgoingly crazy!

Whats Your Favorite Color?


Which one is your favorite character?

Donna Noble!
Amy Pond!
The Doctor!
River Song!

A weeping angel is after you. You....

A weeping angel is after you. You....
Talk to it.
Sonic it.
Stare at it.
Run! What else would you do?

If someone ask you to take a ride in a TARDIS what would you say?

I am the one asking!
No thanks! I already have one!
No thanks, i have other things to do.

Which would you chose?

Sonic Screwdriver
Lazer gun
The Doctor