Which Docotor Who Character are you?

Which Docotor Who Character are you?

Find out which character you are! Easy and simple just fill it out and get a simple answer with some description!

published on February 24, 201228 responses 11 4.8★ / 5

Which would you chose?

Sonic Screwdriver
Lazer gun
The Doctor

Would you describe yourself as....

Fun and Adventuress! I love to go places and do new things!
Sweet and a follower! i am kind to others and will do what i am told... normally.
Ready and Strong! I am ready for anything and strong for everyone.
Fun and Mysteries! I am very fun and outgoing and also a bit Mysteries!
Loving and Crazy! I love everyone and i am friendly and outgoingly crazy!

What do you think of the Doctor?

He's okay.
He's Awesome!
He's me! >:(
The best ever!
He's Lovely.

A weeping angel is after you. You....

A weeping angel is after you. You....
Talk to it.
Sonic it.
Stare at it.
Run! What else would you do?

Whats Your Favorite Color?


Which one is your favorite character?

Donna Noble!
Amy Pond!
The Doctor!
River Song!

If someone ask you to take a ride in a TARDIS what would you say?

I am the one asking!
No thanks! I already have one!
No thanks, i have other things to do.