What warrior cat is your lover?

What warrior cat is your lover?

Which warrior cat would be your lover if you were a cat? Firestar? Graystripe? Rowanclaw? Who?

published on February 29, 201263 responses 21
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I like babies.

Sometimes... when they're behaving.
No, they're a pain.
Oooh yes! The future generation!

Describe your personality.

Independent and proud.
Gentle and shy.
Rebellious and tough.
Flirty and sweet.
Saucy and sarcastic.

Do you have charisma?

Oh yeah, girlfriend.
Er... not so much...

Describe your looks.

Neat, slender, small. Fair hair and light eyes.
Curvy, gorgeous, attractive. Darkish hair.
Messy, tomboyish, punky. Fair hair.
Average and plain.
Tough, lean, big-boned. Dark hair and light/dark eyes.

What are your views on life? Your motto, etc.?

Live and let live, with love and loyalty.
Protect others to the best of your ability.
Always allow compassion and intellect to rule your selfishness.
Kill without abandon if it's for the greater good.
Duty above all.