what mood r u in????

what mood r u in????

At the moment are you happy, sad mad or average?I can tell.I hope you have fun!;Crysanthemum

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if someone bumped into and said sorry you would say..

its ok.
im soo ok with it heres 20 bucks!
start cursing them
oww mommy help me!

you feel like...

throwing a party happy average day to all!yayyayyay!
beating the crap out of someone
crying in bead
watching mtv all day

so if i told you you won one million dollars you would say

hell yeah ohh awesome!
ugh you frieken scammer!
sob sob cry weep
great thats great!

pick a face


final q what do you think of this quiz?

it was great i <3 it
it was a piece of crap
sob to mutch mopeing to do