What kind of pretty are you?

What kind of pretty are you?

GIRLS ONLY. Unless you, boys, want to see if you're bishonen, I don't particularly care. But GIRLS, are you not just pretty, but gorgeous? Sexy? Stately? What kind of pretty are you???

published on February 23, 2012275 responses 65 4.8★ / 5

Pick one!

Yellow pony
Pink horse
Gray-black labrador
deep red bird

You hate...

weaklings... grrr
Broken nail and ruined hairdos!!
People getting hurt
Anything improper

How are you often described?


If you would be stuck on a deserted island with one person., it would be -

My family servant.
My mom or dad.
My bff!
My hot boyfriend...

You enjoy...

flirting and gossiping...
art is my love