What Hello Kitty Character are you:?

What Hello Kitty Character are you:?

Find out who you are: Keroppi, Badtz Maru, Charmy Kitty, My Melody, Mimmy, Or even Hello Kitty Herself!

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What is your clothing style?

Flowery and cute patterns.
Mostly black or red anything dark.
Adorable, with lots of reds and pinks and other bright colors. With accsesories to match.
Mostly graphic tees with shirts that say funny phrases. Or just a plain tee.
Soft Colors like light pink and white with bows and cute jewelry.

What do you like to eat?

Anything spicy and hot!
Sugary things like lolipops.
Strawberry ice cream and sweet things like that.
Anything Savory and salty.
Everything that is great: Cottoncandy, Chocolate, even Pepporoni!

Where do you like to hang out?

The Park or any outdoor place!
The Circus or any other fun place!
I love Cute Boutiques! Were I can shop for Accsesories!
Any Scate park or concert, maybe a store in the mall like Zumiez.
Any meadow or field, were I can pick flowers and prance around!

What is the ideal best friend like?

I dont care as long as they just be themselves!
They should be sweet and love to play with me!
They need to be funny and like my jokes!
I dont care my best friend is already perfect!

What sites on internet do you like to go to?

Sanrio.com, or any girly site!
Any site with wacky and fun games!
Someplace were I can go in a chat room and chat: without being disturbed!
A site with animal games!
A site with information about everything great like World Book.com!