who r u from the hunger games?

r u rue katniss peeta or gale find out now! hope u enjoy it! good luck!

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who r u from the hunger games?

would u volunteer for the hunger games?

A)wow dont know!
B)maybye only if my sister got picked
D)not really

I will always.....

A)protect my sister
C)be nice
D)be myself

which district would u live in?

A)1 no 2 3 5 9?
B)it doesnt matter
C)11 my home of course
D)12 my home im fine with it

what is your favorite color?

A)red no black no yellow?
D)anything BUT red

your friend is hosting a party for u winning do u go?

A)i didnt win
B)i wasnt in the hunger games
D)i guess