What kind of Wild Cat would you be?

I like love wild cats.Heck I like all cats but tigers have always had a special place in my heart.

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What kind of Wild Cat would you be?

What food do you like to eat?

Fruits and vegatables
You got to stay healthy
Junk food
Everything you can waste anything that could save your life one day.
Sea food
Meat and Grain
Meat and vegatables

Someone is weak and always left out what do you do?

You chase them out! They're not needed.
Go try to help them get higher
Convince them to keep trying
Play with them and be their friend. You make sure they're included in the things you do.
Just ignore them.
You tell them they're beautiful and to not worry.
Jump around and make them laugh.

What is the world to you?

Where I live.
A place Where I can play.
A place of beauty
A place of amazements.
A place of rivaries and adventure
A rare find
A place of suprises

What would you say about saving the forest and animals?

They better not kill it
I'll rip them apart!
We must convince them to stop
if it fails we go on strike and block their way.
Just jump and attack!
We never stop asking and blocking the way.
We will never give up!
We be kind and sweet to them and then they'll stop.
If EVERYTHING fails we must attack!
We must show them the beauty of the forest then they'll have to stop.

If you are argueing with someone what do you do?

Try to settle it without a fight.
Run and climb a tree!
Fight fight fight!
Try to calm them down.
Kick them in the face and run.
Wrap your tail around they're head and say
maybe you'll be smart next time.
You say "lets just walk away now okay"

You are writeing a book what is it about?

Sadness turning to happiness
Being the best!

What weather would you rather it be?

Cold and snowy
Warm not cold or hot
Really Dry
Very cold
A little above warm. Just a little.

What would you be doing in your free time?

Practice skills
Just practice fighting
Just practice stalking
Look at the world then write a book
Just practice hunting

What's your favorite color?

It's just so beautifal
The color relaxes me
Green and Brown
It creates the beauty of nature
The color of distant mountains at Dawn
Mixed colors are better
Golden brown
The color of the plains
The color of a good fight

Where would you go vacation?

Near a River
Snowy Forest