Would you enjoy a cruise??

Would you enjoy a cruise??

Would you enjoy going on a big cruise ship?Ive been on 2 going on my 3ed this March.If not a cruise this quiz will tell you what vacation you should take.

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How long would you be gone?

2-4 days
4-8 days
8+ days

NO SCHOOL what do you do?

have a friend over
home schooled any way why do I care?
Brother sister stuff AGAIN I can NEVER enjoy my self!!

What do you do on a average day or at least closest to it.

Get up,get ready for school,go to school,come home,do chores have dinner then go to bed.
Get up at 5:30 feed the animals,get dressed,muck the stalls basically a cowgirl/boy life for me.
Its complicated...Little brothers/sisters always crying/yelling...big brothers/sisters ALWAYS gone or textin' in their room to who knows who. Mom always yelling at brothers/sisters/me to do chores ...NOT FUN

How easy do you get motion sick (boat,car,plane ect)? on a scale 1-10 10 is REALLY SICK and 1 is I don't get sick at all.


Do you have any pets??If so do you have some one that could care for them when your gone?

No pets
1-4 pets and I have some one that can watch them
1-4 pets and no one to watch them
5-7 pets and no one to watch them.
5-7 pets and someone to watch them
7+ pets and someone to watch them.
7+ pets and no one to watch them.

How many people live in your house hold or that would go on the vacation with you?


What is you money range in you house hold?

60,000 +

What are your school grades on average?

I'm home schooled
E - F
A+ - b-
C or D

Do you enjoy going to new places??


Would you go during school time or would you go over a school brake?

school days
school brake