what austin and ally character are you?

what austin and ally character are you?

are you ally austin trish or dez figure out who you are here i promise that it will explain you alot!

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you mostly...

write and work
sing and hang out
hang out
working on a random thing

if someone said you had an odd out fit you would say...

oh no is it that bad?!
you dont like my bling bling!
so idiot"walk away"

on your free time you...

write in a little room left alone
hangin out with my buds
doing somthing awesome and weird
take alot of free time i just chit chat

if you where in show biz you would be the...

song writer
singer i love to rock!
filming all this awesomness!
sorting everything out being a derector!

your idea of a fun board game is

apples to apples