What position in a clan would you be in?

What position in a clan would you be in?

Ever wonder what You'd be in a warriorcat clan? Well, you'll get the answer now!

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Dogs to you are...

Dogs to you are...
A nusiance I can hear them from here!
A danger to my family.
I can easily beat them!
Stupid and dangerous to my clan.
Something that can hurt my precious
Something to prepare my things for.

What is your favorite animal.

Cat because I am one.
Dogs badgers and foxes
they give me chalenge.
they sing pretty and taste delicious.
They have shiny things.
Anything that will keep us alive.
Kits of coarse!
Cats because they are the ones who bring me food.

If a differant clan came to attack what would you do?

Try to get reason.
Try to send them back without a fight.
Fight with everything you've got.
Try to make your friends proud.
Run and hide.
Protect the weak.
Fight but at sometime you'll have to hide.

When someone is late getting prey what do you say?

Just hurry up and get the mouse already!
Hurry up or you'll clean the elders den for a moon!
It's okay just get it now.
Just get it a little faster next time okay.
Oh thats completly fine.
It's okay you always play with me!
Better luck next time!

A warrior from a differant clan is injured and can't get home whats the first thing you do?

Ask them what happened.
Fix their wounds without question.
Ask them why they look like that.
Find help.
Sooth them and tell everything's going to be fine.
Poke them with your paw and ask what they're doing here.
Ask them why they should help them.