What person are you in the Hunger Games?

Hunger Games is amazing I loved every single bit of it. I did another quiz on this and I got Katniss squeeee!

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What person are you in the Hunger Games?

If someone came to you for help what would you do?

Try to listen the best you can and give your best answer.Even if it's not helpful.
Act like it is no problem and tell them to find it themselves.
Comfort and sooth them and help them find the clues.
Try your best to help and find the answer
Listen and give them sympathy and depending on what it is possibly help them.
You will do your best to help whatever it is.
Do your best to comfort them.
will give your all to help them.

What wold you rather be doing?

Hunting and climbing trees.Practice archery.
Climb and hide in trees.
Gather herbs and berries.
Nothing at all.
Checking your hair.
Get the jobs done.
Bake and paint.
Makeing new creations.

In a near death siduation what would you do?

Save yourself! Every man for himself!
If all is impossible to save keep going.
Save everyone you can! Won't leave unless everyone alive is out.
Save who is important to you and get out!
Save as many people as you can.
Get how many you think will need it.
Save who is within reach.

If someone did something reeaaalllyyy horrible to you what would you do?

Get revenge even if it means death for them.
Get revenge if you can but nothing fatal unless needed.
Best leave it.
Just get simple revenge.
Pull a prank.
Depending on who it is will decide if it needs revenge.

If you were an animal what would you be?

If you were an animal what would you be?
Bird and cat
Lion and fox
wolf and panda bear
hamster and monkey
Bull and black bear
Dog and mouse
Horse and tiger