How good of friends are you/will be with Praneeth?

Title Says it All, so lets see how you do? UGH it says I need 15-20 words, what NOW?!?!

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How good of friends are you/will be with Praneeth?

Which of these does Praneeth do, if someone is online but doesn't respond to his facebook chat?

Keep chatting until they say something
Take the signal and stop talking
Block them
Call them out on it

How many stories should Praneeth's Dream House be?

Who need's a house when you got a cardboard

Which of the following is most difficult for Praneeth?

Sleeping at Night
Making Friends
Not Awkwardizing Stuff with a Girl

Praneeth has a blog that talks about:

His boring life
His loving family
His loving friends
His emo-ness
His sexual needs ;)

When Praneeth meets someone new on Facebook, he starts by?

Saying WHO ARE YOU?!?! Then Interviews them
Saying Hi
Saying you are hot
He doesn't start
Facebook Friends are SHIT!

Praneeth's Favorite Music is?

Indian Rap
Indian Classical
Black Rap
White Rap
American Classical
Rebecca Black
Hannah Montana (TO THE MAX)

If Praneeth tells you, he is in love with you (he likes you), you should?

Make a run for it, while you still can
Try and be nice to him
Avoid him
Try to befriend him
Tell him he has no chance

Intellectually Praneeth is:

Dumb as fuck
Lazy, but good at cheating and cutting
Really Smart
A Frantic Studier, when he needs to be

What is Praneeth's favorite Hobby?

Eating and Studying
Eating and Roaming
Eating and Awkwardizing Things
Eating and Sleeping
Eating and Eating

If Praneeth has bad breath you should?

Tell him
Not tell him
Give him, gum or a mint
Avoid him
Kiss him to get rid of the scent.

If Praneeth is about to get hit by a bus you should?

Yell at him to move.
Push him out of the way.
Well he'll die from Obesity anyhow, just put him out of his misery now.
Ignore it
Kill the Bus Driver

Praneeth refers to these two words interchangeably?

Hot and Pretty
Like and Love
Boy and Girl
Hate and Strongly Dislike
God and Jesus

Praneeth did not cuss till this grade:

He Doesn't

Praneeth's Favorite Genre of Movie is

Black Comedy
Feel-Good Movies

Praneeth's Favorite Super Hero is:

Captain America

If Praneeth ask for your advice you should?

Ignore him if it is chat
Give him shit advice
Make him a laughing stock
Have a good time with Laughs for everyone
(reference: some-somein' da fuck?)
Give him heartfelt advice

If Praneeth has had a fashion mistake you should?

Bring him to the side alone, and tell him nicely
Make fun of him for it
Poke some fun at it, and make it a good laugh, but still give him advice
Tell him it looks fine
Show it off to everyone

Praneeth's Favorite Genre of Movie is (YEAH I KNOW, SAME QUESTION, BUT THIS IS PART 2)

Indian Movies
American Movies
Whats a Movie?
Sad Movies where someone dies

Which of these isn't Praneeth?

A bitch
A romantic
A drama queen
A person who gives up
A gossip-girl
Mean to a person who is perfectly nice

If Praneeth is being annoying and just mean, what do you do?

Let him be, and just daydream.
Call him out on it
Leave silently so he doesn't notice
Leave so he does notice, and feels bad
Try and switch topics

Which of these does Praneeth want the most?

Background Music that he doesn't have to hum
A girl friend
A best friend
More Friends
Good Grades

Praneeth's Dream Job is?

Stay at Home Dad
Film Star
Film Director

Praneeth does not watch DVD's anymore because he:

Cannot afford them
Loves Blu-Ray
Always Studies
Watches them on TV
Random Response Filler, lets just say TIVO like Teebow