Which grade are you in princess charm school?

Which grade are you in princess charm school?

If you can be honest, this quiz will let you pass, if not you wil fail

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How much book can be put on you head and won't fall while your walking

I can't!
10 or more

How many seconds do you need to dress a model with a crown, a necklace and a ribbon on the back of the dress?

About 10 seconds
1 second!
About 5 seconds
4-6 seconds
6-9 seconds

Do you think you can pass this quiz?

I think so, not sure
75% think I can pass
100% confident, but not proud :)
Of course! I'm to best of the whole

Are you good at dancing?

I can't dance! I don't know how to!
Yes, and my teacher said I am the
I can but sometimes I step on my
partner's feet
Yes, but always step on my partner's
Of course! I am the best of all!

How do you hold a teapot?

Holding cover and the handle the same
Holding the handle only and raise it
I won't tell you the why because I'm
I don't raise it low and only hold
the handle
I never touch it!