Are you popular? (2)

Are you popular? (2)

Maybe you think you are. Maybe you believe you're not. But deep down... are you popular? Why? Why not?

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How many *close* friends do you have?

Loads... kinda close, I mean...
A few really good ones.
My little group ^^
None/one or two.

Which best describes you?

Lovable! Everyone adores me!
I'm funny and pretty likable.^^
Oh, indifferent, mostly, I suppose.

When I say the word


what first comes to your mind?

The insanity of animal and child abuse!!!
A jumble of color and shapes. Plus noises.
Not being popular.

Last one ;)

Your ideal guy/girl is...

A kind one who sees my soul and loves me for who I am.
A cute, intelligent, nice, likable person.
Either a super brainiac or a reckless criminal XD
The perfect golden one of my dreams!!! *sigh*

Are you nice or mean, generally?

Ultra nice but a bit... mean.
I seem to be mean, but I'm not really.

Are you a good student/focused worker?

No, I'm a bit of a sarcastic rebel.
Nope, but everybody likes me all the same! :P
Very! But no one notices...