Which kind of creature are you?

Which kind of creature are you?

Animal, people, ghost, vampire, fairy, angel or even god! Answer the question to find out!

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What colour do you like?

What colour do you like?
Dark colours of course!
Any colour expect black
Any colour is find, it doesn't really
I like bright colours!
Maybe a colour of a house wallpaper
like pink strips...
Colour? I rather talk about my little
house my owner build for me!

What do you do in recess?

Help people by my magic power!
Help someone like a fairy... but I
don't wanna be a fairy
Bit someone with my sharp teeth
I can't even walk!
Walk with my owner!
Play with my friends

What does your king looks like?

Even bloodier then me!
King? what is that?
King? what is that? I have an owner
instead, maybe that's my king!
I am the king!
A really good fairy

Are you happy if you are a vampire?

I will defeat the vampire with my
fairy friends!
I will use my power to defeat them!
no! they eat me!
Um... no! because I hate ugly teeth!
They bit my teacher during lesson

Do you like this quiz?

no... I rather play with my dog
I don't even play with computer, I
play with my owner!
no, I rather bit someone with my
sharp teeth!
I eaten how can I answer this
I like every quiz, it's fun!
I rather practice my magic!