Which Family Guy Character are you?

Which Family Guy Character are you?

Which Character are you from Family Guy? Are you Nagging Lois, World domination Stewie. Brian, Meg, Chris or Peter?

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It's 1:30 am where are you?

In Bed like a normal person. I need sleep to care for my family in the morning.
I'm hanging out with my friends! Were parting all morning and sleeping all day!

What's the best thing about school?

Making friends with the cool kids, obviously is the number one importance!
Not cheating on tests, Doing things for myself and not lowering myself to the cheaters all around.

There is a get together at a kids house from school. Are you going to go or not?

Who needs a get together. I'm gunna be king of the world!
YES, YES, YES! Popularity here I come!

Do you enjoying planning for world domination, or do you enjoy drawing pictures.

Obviously drawing pictures! That's my life! :)
The world will be mine! hahha!

Pick between family, or friends, who would you rather be with right now.?

Family! I love them so much, and we always get along!
Me and my buddies always hangout! We never leave each other alone! Were always around!

Do you like to go to the grocery store with your mom, or do you like to go play sports with your dad?

Grocery stores! Mom teaches me about deals!
Sports are way more fun then going to the store for food.

Do you like to read Stephen King books?

Yes!!! They are the best!
No, They are way too bad for a kid like me to read.. My mom says.