What spy club should you be in?

What spy club should you be in?

The Toypetz Club, The Toast Club, The Mash Club or the Crisp Club? Which one should you be in?

published on February 17, 201212 responses 2
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If a friend hurt themselves, what would you do?

Run off and find a teacher.
Tell other people to get away and take your friend somewhere to calm down.
Laugh and kick them in the face.
Try to help them yourself.

What is your favourite colour?

Every colour.
Pink or black.
Brown or green.
Purple or orange.

What sort of spy missions do you like to go on?

Anything, I love missions!
Stuff what's not dangerous, I might scuff my new shoe!
Stuff on my own.
Stuff with my friends.

Have you heard about the new school project on the Toypetz Club episodes?

Of course! My favourite character from our storybook will have to be Ronnie!
No, I'm not in that class.
Parts of it, I don't always listen in class....
I come into the spy club's classes sometimes and I know the story well.

Did you like this quiz?

Yeah! It was toyariffic!
Not much.
I hated it.
It was cool.