Online Shopping Quiz!

So, you know your rofls from our lols, but how good are you at bargain hunting online? Take this quiz and see how internet savvy you are!

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Online Shopping Quiz!

You search "purple jeans" in Ebay, and it returns 543900 results... do you:

Sort by price and check sellers of the cheaper products are reliable.
Click on the cheapest one to see more info.
Buy the first pair because they look fabulous!

The pants you select have an asterisk stating to select your size carefully as there is a stict "NO RETURNS POLICY" do you:

Buy instead from a seller that accepts returns.
Measure yourself and check against the sizing chart to see which pair will fit.
Check what size the pants you have on are and cross your fingers.

There is an option to either Buy Now at the price of $50, or start bidding at $10 against five other people. Do you:

Research final price for similar items, if buy now price is cheaper then go with that.
Buy now because you just KNOW it'll be cheaper that way.
Bid for hours on end, get carried away, and end up paying more than the buy now price.

You have bought the jeans and are so happy! You wear them to a party the next day, and the seam splits. Do you:

Contact the seller to enquire about getting an identical replacement for the pants.
Get your mum to sew up the seam.
Throw them out and buy another pair from the same seller.

You reckon the jeans were super cool, and think the seller is awesome! You go back to their site and find a one-of-a-kind cap that matches perfectly! Do you:

Consider wether you actually NEED this hat, don't you already have a purple one...?
Look for other possibilities, maybe a different style!
Buy the cap as soon as you see it. (Can't risk anyone else grabbing it)

You are searching on another website and find two identical items. One is half the price, but the seller has no feedback... Do you:

Decide that it's safer to go with a trusted seller than risk gettin scammed, and go with the more expensive one.
You are prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt, and think that because it is not very much money, if you get scammed it won't really matter.
Go for the cheaper because you need the extra cash for the Bieber Tickets!