Which book character is your lover (girls) ?

Which book character is your lover (girls) ?

Including The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Twilight, and more! Which character's best suited to be your lover...?

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Which word best describes you?


Are you considered "good", in the general sense?

Of course, obviously!
Maybe... unbalanced, you could say...
Not at ALL.
Nope, not really, but I'm okay.

Favorite color?

Red like fire.
Sassy purple.
Pink, I'm girly!
Blue-green as the sea...

What's your worst quality?

I'm evil!
I'm sort of crazy.
I'm envious of everyone...
I'm shallow.

Last of all -
What do you think of yourself?

I'm beautiful on the outside. Gorgoeus. Lovely. Striking. You better believe it, too.
I'm super smart, a true brainiac. No one's a match for my utter cleverness and guile!
I'm braver than a starving lion, through and through. You gotta watch out...!
I'm silly and ugly and unpopular, but deep down I know I'm good, and that's fine with me.