What kind of fox deamon are you?

What kind of fox deamon are you?

find out if you are a nice kitsune spirit or an evil one, maybe you in-between?

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What do you like to eat? your favorite snack

i eat pud...no...maybe jel..no um...
i like..appls...oranges...blablabla

What is your favorite color

^_^ i like pink green or orange
umm...i dunno...
colors! i like pink purple yellow...blablablabla
red or black <i hate this question>
lalala i like any colorrr

Your are sleeping in a thick bush when someone walks by, you peek out and see a man stop and listen as if he knows you are there, you think...

he really is the cutest thing!
*nervous* what is he doing? what does he want?
O.o i want to poke him
if he doesnt move soon ill attack
*big-eyed* i wonder what he is looking for

What do you find interesting?

the blooming flowers of spring
this...and that...no wait... maybe those...
*twitches tail* oh i like feathers *big eyes*
sharp objects *glares*...mine...
i like...clouds...

how or where do you sleep?

in soft hay
on the ground, though i dont really sleep
i like laying on the grass watching everything before falling asleep
um in a tree...no on the ground..um maybe over there...
on a pillow! a soft fluffy one!

What do you dislike?

ooo i hate mean doggies
psht i dont like cowards
dislike? umm...nothing
um well i dont like this...oh wait maybe i do like that...
iiii dont like emotionless people

Your are staring up at the clouds and you see...

a bunny eating a carrot!
an army preparing for war
oo i see a butterfly, where is he doing??
see? i dont know what is see..
i see a field of flowers, how pretty

what type of humans do you like to follow?

i like sweet cute ones
um i dunno...anykind?
oh i like ones that can find the most amazing places to be
i dont like following humans...but i guess ones that are strong...
i like funny ones

What do you like to do during your day?

chasing butterflies...:)
picking fights -_- (you would...)
i like follow people around...:D
i think i like to do....no wait maybe not...
i like listening to music or reading books

what do you like to dress up in? your type of clothing

a white dress
clothing thats brown or tan...
i like cute purple fancy shirts
um shorts...maybe short shirts...
i like skirts, not to short not to long