what dog r u?

r u a golden retriver a boxer or french bulldog? find out now! good luck

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what dog r u?

whats your favorite color?

A)bright blue or purple such playful colors
B)yellow its serious
C)green its a lazy color

your friend is going to the coolest party of the year but u weren't invited what do u do?

A)tell her\him!
B)im way to scared i dont want 2 hurt their feeling!!ooo!
C)eh they can go im too busy...

your enemy stole your movie tickets what do u do?

A)he\she is so far away eh...
B) use my energy against them intil he\she gives it back
C)just ask 4 it back

your perfect day would be......

A)hanging out with my friends
B)playing outside on a sunny day
C)going to a waterpark

which sounds like your outfit?

A)dress and sneakers
B)green tee skirt and low cut boots
C)tied dyed shirt skinny jeans and high boots