How long would you survive if you were attacked by dinosaurs?

How long would you survive if you were attacked by dinosaurs?

If suddenly you were face-to-face with a dinosaur ( a t-rex to be more exact) how long would you live?

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What would be your strategy for the hunger gaames if you were in it?

To stay hidden in a tree untill the end of the contest
Hide away from everyone and when no one is looking grab supplies for yourself
Outsmart all of your opponents and kill them if you need to
What is the hunger games?

How long do you think you can last if there was a dinosaur attack?

I think I could last pretty long if I hid from it
I already know what I would do so I think I would last an eternity
I dont know

There is a lock down at your school, what do you do?

Have a panic attack
Remain calm and follow the teacher's orders
Hide in the closet with your lunchbox

Do you watch any shows about crime investigation such as criminal minds and CSI?

No way, those are way too scary for me
Of course I do, the stuff is not real, it is fake
I only watch the non-scary parts

Do you like to stay home alone?

It is fine as long as it is not too long
Yeah totally, I am always in touch with my parents.

How do you react when you have a hugggggggggeeeeeeeeeeee test the next day?

decide to stay home from school the day of the exam to give you more study time
Not be able to sleep from anxiety
Study really hard and do not get nervous, you know this stuff