Always turn to page 394 house quiz!!!!!!

Always turn to page 394 house quiz!!!!!!

What house are you loyal fans???? Are you a Baconpaw from Pgfarts? Or a Slytherin from Hogwarts? Eight houses, one quiz NOTE: this was designed for the facebook Harry Potter page Always turn to page 394

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A friend of yours has lost their money, what do you do?

Offer to help them find it, and if you can't, loan them yours. the main word bieng 'Loan' you expect to get paid in return
Give them the amount that was lost from your money
it depends on the amount, if t was a small amount, you wouldn't bother, but if the sum was large, you might

how much sugar would you eat if you were in a room full of infinite sugary sweets?

*laughs evilly* sugary sweets, huh?
no thanks, sugar isn't really my thing, i'm not mmuch of a sweet tooth
i'll have some, but i won't go insane

are you an addrenaline junkie?

NO! Bieng safe is perfectly fine, i have no suicidal inclings what-so-ever.
addrenaline, eh? BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!
i guess a little addrenaline is alright.


Trouble is fun! Except when i'm caught....
No! Trouble is NOT fun!

angel, devil, or just plain insane?

One small step for me, one giant leap towards an insane asylum
evil is my middle name........
peace, love, and goodness

do you back down from fights? Or are you the one who has to have the last word?

HELL NO! I'm not backing down! I didn't do anything!
Yes, if it stops the arguing, i shall back down.....
it depends on if i've done something or not

pureblood? Halfblood? or muggleborn?

Halfblood ALL the way!!!!
I'm Pureblood and i know it!

Pigfarts or Hogwarts?


Some random person is stuck in a tree crying for help, how do you respond?

Just leave them, someone else will come
Help them straight away! Climb up the tree yourself!
Go and find some help

Books, sport, or mischeif?

MISCHEIF!!!!! *grows devil horns*
I'll just read a good book