Which Harry Potter character are you?

Find out which Harry Potter character you are most like by trying this fun quiz!

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Which Harry Potter character are you?

If I could choose I'd most likely want to:

Read peoples minds
Be loved by everyone
Know tons of little facts that most people
don't know

If you are walking and find a wallet on the ground and there is no one looking what would you do?

Pocket the money and go home.
Leave it there; someone is probably looking
for it
Report to the police; you don't want to waste
money like that!

What bugs me most is:

Injustice and discrimination

You are stranded on an island. What do you want to bring with you?

Magazines with wacky stories
A Flying horse
Wand and or spell books

Other people see me as:

Moody and Grumpy
Brave and adventurous
Smart and focused
Spacy and dreamy

My favorite subject in school was/is:

Music or Art
Math, science, or social studies