who are you from frenemies?

are you a tomboy like savannah or r u like emma geek like halle or chic like avalon?

published on February 05, 2012111 responses 21
who are you from frenemies?
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its a boring saturday day what do u do?

go to the movies
go skate boarding
saturdays i cant ballet lessons
go get my hair done

your parents are home and your after ur curfew what do u do?

go to the back door
im toast so just tell em anyway
i dont go out much so i have nothing 2 wory about
be honest!

its your moms birthday what do u get her?

a gift from the heart
i dont have a mom
the scarf she wanted 4 ages
a fancy dinner if daddy pays 4 it

fav place 2 eat?

a fancy place
red lobster
anywhere simple like a buffet
burger king

will u rate 5 stars?(VERY IMPORTANT)

no ill rate 2 id rather talk 2 my friend
eh idk
it was rather devine yes
yes I will!