What kind of Weather are you???

What kind of Weather are you???

Are you sunny, cold, windy, stormy or a different weather? Find Out With This Quiz!

published on February 05, 2012142 responses 38 4.5★ / 5

Are you nice?

i am sometimes, but truthfully i get a bit
annoying or mean...
Nope, and thats the straight-out truth!... :(

Are you annnoying?

well, i don't think so, but of course my friends say i am.
Yeah, i guess so! (don't blame me, it's funny when my friends get annoyed!!!)

Are you mean?

well, a little...
Yeah.... D:

are you popular?

Yeah! :D
I'm friends with the populars...;)
Nope :(

Do you try to show off?

Yeah, i do!!!
only a bit...

Did you enjoy this quiz?

Yes! I'll rate it five stars because i feel like doing something nice!
It was okay, could have been better.
Nope. It was boring. i won't comment, rate or follow the person who made this quiz!