what mythical creature r u?

what mythical creature r u?

find out what mythical creature u r????? ur u a mermaid dragon unicorn or a fairy?

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what do u do in your spare time?

A) play baseball
B) put glitter on my bookbag
c) sneak away and go to the hair studio
D) go swimmimg

who is your celeb model?

A) taylor swift
B) Ke$ha
C)bella thorne
D)ariana grande

Ok its valentines day what r u going 2 do 4 ur crush?

A)I dont have a crush im in love with myself
B) if he gets me something ill get him something
C)a valentine and flowers
D) OOO! flowers valentines chocolate a stuffed animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so much more!

fav Color?

A)GLITTERY purple it screams MEEEEE
B)PINK it tells all about me
C) dark red
D)blue its the color of the sea

You're parents tell you that u aren't allowed to leave the house what do u do?

A)tough. i ask my parents if i can have a party
B) leave like i care! im to pretty 2 listen to rules
C) really i dont care
D) deppends how did they say it?