What Kind Of Wild Animal Are You?

What Kind Of Wild Animal Are You?

Ever wondered what kind of wild animal you would be? Take this quiz to find out! :)

published on February 08, 201276 responses 19
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What do you like to do in the summer

Sit in the shade with a book or some music
Go swimming at the beach
Hang with friends
Sunbake by the pool

You favourite piece of playground equipment? (no matter how old you are!)

The telescope and steering wheel
Money bars and fireman pole
Slide and bridge

You won a gold medal in...

Track and Field
Shot put, discus and javelin
Triple jump, long jump and high jump

You have a crush. Who do you tell?

All your friedns
Your crush. You're not shy!
Your BFF
You don't tell anyone. What they don't know, won't hurt them

Your favourite thing to do in your free time at school is...

Talk, Laugh and Gossip
Play a game with friends
Hang with your girl friends and 'boy watch'
Listen to music through head phones and think.

At school you hang with...

0 people
1-3 girls
3+ girls
3+ boys and girls