Which dance style should you take up?

Which dance style should you take up?

This quiz will help you decide which dance style is for you. Ballet dancer, Jazz dancer, Cali dancer or Irish dancer? :)

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Why do you want to dance?

To become famous
To express yourself
To compete
To have fun

How much free time do you get? (after school)

Weekdays: 4 hours per night
Weekends: No time
Weekdays: 2 hours per night
Weekends: 1 day
Weekdays: 4 hours per night
Weekends: All weekend
Weekdays: 1 hour per night
Weekends: No time

How long can you stand on your toes

Half a minute
All day
Half a day
For as long as I have to

What would you most likely were to a dance class? (Don't worry about what style of dance)

Black leotard and leggings
Pink leotard and stockings
Pink T-shirt and shorts
Black T-shirt and skirt

What kind of music do you like?

Music from other countries
Soft, slow and graceful music
Energetic, upbeat and popular music
A variety of music

How high can you do a high kick?

(Step onto one leg and kick the other up in front of you. Point your toes and don't bend your knee)

Woah! I almost kicked myself in the face!
Pretty good! Higher than half-way!
I'm ok. I got half way!
Um... I think my legs are faulty! Go to go and order some new ones.

You've just jumped off a cliff. Why did you do it?

To see if I could fly...
Because my friends did
Just because I wanted to
To show my feelings to the world

Can you do an arebesque?

(Hold your leg out straight behind you)

I can hold it just below halfway.
I can hold my leg straight up vertically in the air.
I can get it past halfway.
... Next question!

Can you do the splits? Left leg, right leg and middle/straddle splits

Come legs! Just go down... Thump. Aaargh!
I can do all three!
I can do two!
I can do one!

Which one of the following exercise can you do best?

Leap ( Take a run up and jump into the air with your legs in left or right leg splits)
Walkover/ Cartwheel ( Go over onto your hands and stand back up on your feet)
High kick ( kick your leg out in front of you)
Arebesques ( Hold your leg out behind you)