What type of girl do you like ( 4 boys )

What type of girl do you like ( 4 boys )

This quiz is for boys or girls that like girls. if you take this quiz dont feel offened if it says you are right for a stinky hobo. ( something like that )

published on February 01, 2012176 responses 21 4.1★ / 5

Do you like black or white girls.

I dont care cuz im not raciest

What if some guy was attacking you girlfriend?

I would frickin smack him so hard he would run to his moma.
Call the police and smack the guy and help the girl.
Say hey you never did anything for me!!!

do you like girls who enjoy you or not enjoy you?

Dont care
Need for them to enjoy me
Ewww i hate girls

What home would you live in???

A nice sized home
A big home
I dont care cuz all i want is my babe

What if she was having funtime in YOUR bed
with a different guy?

Leave her for life, She broke my heart
I'd join in the fun time!!
I'd say hes a black (or white) and your having fun time with him,i'm going to kill you ni**s
Make fun of the guy hardcore
Bribe the guy out of the place and not give him the item you were using to bribe him.
I hate you dumbos and i always did ( let's pretend you always did hate her.)

What type of music do you like???

Everything except goth

Do you smell like hell?

I'm not answering

Do you like to enjoy being with your lover?

All the time
I have to have fun now and then with her but sometimes i just need to be with my Friends
I hate to be around my lover cuz she is mean

What if you saw your girlfriend being with her freind thats a boy sitting awfully close to her at you home.

Dont have a home and she doesnt have friends
I would smack the living beejesuz out of him.
kiss her to show him i'm her boyfriend and then sit next to her and introduce myself to him
I would kill him and her
I would bribe him out of the place and then not give him the money
Hey he is a black ( or white) lets tie him up to the railroads and ductape his mouth and make sure it's the railroads in a tunnel.

Do you like to eat alot cuz you dont have alot of money?

I hate black food
I hate white food
I love food but i have to be healthy and be fit and in-touch-with-reality.
I love expensive food!