what pet would be best for you?

what pet would be best for you?

answer the questions to find out what pet you would enjoy to have the most. Have fun and enjoy!!!

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Do you like showing off what your pet can do?

Yes! love it!
No Im not like that

Do you prefer fluffy, feathery, or scaly pets?

Fluffy all the way!!!
The more feathers the better!

Do you like your pet to follow you around or roam in and out freely?

Follow me around
Roam in and out

Do you enjoy exersize?

Yes absolutly!!!
No way!!!!
I'll do it if I have to

Do you like big or little pets?

The bigger the better!
Little and cute!
Little or big

Do you like cleaning up after you pet?

I know i have to do it

Do you like always keeping your pet out of trouble?

Yes i think its cute
No its annoying