Which Fullmetal Alchemist charecter are you?

Which Fullmetal Alchemist charecter are you?

Take this Quiz to find out if your Ed, Al, Winry, Major Armstrong, or others!

published on January 28, 201278 responses 20
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What's your life's ambition?

To get a girlfriend.
To be more dramatic.
To grow taller.
To make awesome auto-mail.
To make it a law for all Military woman to wear miniskirts.

How tall are you?

I'm uhh.....6'2! That's it, 6'2!
I'm 7'1! Tallness has run in my family for generations!
Ask again and I'll fire two warning shots. In your head,

You find a homeless two year old girl.What do you do?

Somehow miraculously make her life better
Give her a hug.
Help her.
Cry dramatically about her horrid life.
Pass her without a glance.

Your two best friends betray you.What do you do?

Take off your shirt and yell at them.
Simple. Kill Them.
Confront them and ask them why.
Point a gun at 'em.
Ignore them for a week.

What's your favorite beverage?

Human Blood. Not really.
Hmmm... Anything but milk.
My own tears.
I don't know! I can't drink!