Which SNL character are you?

Which SNL character are you?

are you: Penelope, stefon, oprah, mary kathrine gallager, or Gilly? i guess we will find out

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if you had to describe yourself what would you say?

i think my feelings would be best described through a monolouge.
i'm super nice.
i'm superer nicer!
i hate this quiz.
i'm sexylicious!

on a saturday night, what would you rather do?

go clubbing.
yell at people.
scare the shit out of someone.
give away free cars.
look at my breasts in the mirror
look at my better breasts while giving away free planes at 15 different clubs while screaming the shit out of someone.

if you had a catchphrase it would be:

go away!
free car!
ya i have like 315 different catchphrases.

when you are nervous what do you do?

sometimes when i'm nevous i stick my hands under my arms and then i smell them.
pretend i'm the ghost of christmas future.
punch my human punching bag.
cry in a corner.
i'm never nervous... ever.
hit people with a microphone.

what are you most interested in?

i don't like this.
i like to keep mine a secret cause it keeps people guessing.
i like my oven who guesses what i'm wearing everytime i touch it.