Are You Guys Meant To Be?

Are You Guys Meant To Be?

Welcome To My Quiz.Find Out If You Guys R Meant To Be. Here Is A Chance

published on January 28, 201277 responses 5
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Did They Ever Say They Love You

No :P
We never kissed yet >:(

Do You Guys Like Doing The Same Thing?

Yep I Love Hanging Around With Him/Her
No I Like Doing Different Things
Some Things I Do, Some I Don't

do you ever sneak at night to be with him/ her

Sometimes When I Can
Yes Every Night
Nope I Get Caught Easily :P

Are you shy around him/her?

Nope , NEVER
Sometimes Lmfaoo
Yes Im Very Shy

Do They Back Out On A First Kiss?

No , He/She LOVES <3 My Kisses
We Never Had A First Kiss
Yep , We kiss ALL THE TIME