What Is Your Lucky Colour?

What Is Your Lucky Colour?

This fun and easy quiz will tell you your lucky colour, by asking a series of questions.

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You've fallen out with you friends. It was all because....

They accused me of being sensitive! I can't help it. I wish we would make up already.
They were being bad sports and were cheating at the game.
My friend was angry because didn't listen to what they were saying. I get distracted some times.
Falling out? I don't think so. So not my style.
They don't understand why I can't hang with them, I'm too busy with my performing art lessons!
They think I am stuck on myself. I can't help it if I want to look good.
It was a misunderstanding. We've already made up now!

The end of year school excursion is coming up and you have to pick an activity from the list. You would choose...

Whatever my friend choose.
Duh! The tour of the sports stadium!
The zoo, of course.
The beach. Nothing better than sun, sand and sea!
The theater! Wouldn't miss the musical for the world!
The shopping trip.
The art gallery. As long as my friends are going too!

Your community studies teacher has given you an assignment. You have to help a group in the community. You have chosen to help...

The tinies teacher. I'll help coach the dance lessons!
I took so long to decide that there was only one left!
I'll offer to help at the animal rescue centre. It's going to be great!
I'm going to referee and help coach the junior soccer match on the weekend.
I can only choose one? But I want to help everyone.
I'll help life guard at the beach. They are always looking for junior helpers.
I'm going to take a sewing class at the retirement home.

You've just been asked out on a date! What do you do?

To the footy match. Go team!
The zoo. Cute date and cute animals - double fun!
To the movies. I can't wait to see it! The star's my idol.
Shopping! That counts as a date, right?
I'd like to go to the art gallery - but only if my date agrees!
Probably just chill on the beach or go for a walk.
Whatever my date wants.

Ahhhhhh! You've just woken up from a nightmare. What was it...

I went to school with terrible hair and a massive zit on my nose! I was a laughing stock.
My dog escaped onto the road and got run over by a car.
I was putting the final touches on my dress, when the sewing machine went crazy and stitched my hand to the material!
All my friends hated me!
A nightmare? No - All you have to do is think happy thoughts.
I went on stage and forgot all the lyrics and the tune. It was horrible.
I was swimming in a race when all of a sudden I couldn't swim or get up for breath.

Report card day. You got an A+ in...

I'm not sure. It doesn't matter to me.
Performing arts!
Visual arts!
Sport! I was the fastest in my year.
Oh... math, science, English - you know. I bet everyone else got way better.
Nothing! I didn't know they were grading us ... Oh look a butterfly.

You are invited to party, that one of your classmates is hosting. What do you wear?

My basketball pratise clothes. I'll have to come straight after practise.
I have dance class straight after, so I'll just have to wear my leotard!
I'll wear a t-shirt, jeans and my best party smile!
I probably won't come. Parties aren't my thing. Besides I am rostered down as a volunteer at the animal rescue centre.
I'll were the new dress I've been working on. It's taken me age. I hope he notices!
My best jeans and a nice top. It doesn't really matter, so long as my friends are coming.
A pretty dress. And jewellery. And make up. I'd better start getting ready now then!

You've just won - drum roll please - a MILLION dollars! So what do you do with it?

I'll share it with my friends!
Buy a season ticket to the soccer matches of course! As well as some new sport equipment!
Donate it to an animal charity. Duh - what else?
Just this and that. I don't have a plan.
That dance costume I've had my eye on. I gonna be the prettiest dancer on the stage!
New clothes, new shoes, new jewellery - I'm gonna need a bigger purse!
I'll share it with my brothers and sisters!

Happy Birthday! You couldn't wait to open your present - only to find it was ... a blank book. What do you do with it?

A book? Not really my thing, but I don't want to be rude so I'll just pretend I love it.
I'll use the book to sketch down ideas for clothes.
I'll use it to jot down lyrics for the songs I'm working on.
Write all my feelings in it, of course.
I'll get to the book later. A beautiful birds just flown in the back yard!
I'll write my crush's name and my name over and over again!
Write all the scores of my football games in it!

You're moving house and mum says you can redecorate your room. How do you decorate?

Posters of my favourite sports players and enough room for all my sports gear.
Vibrant, bright colours to suit my personality. And a couch for me to lay back and relax.
In one corner I'll have my sewing machine and in the other my easel.
Posters of animals every wear and a place for my cats and dogs to sleep too.
A mirror. Yes, that is a must. And lots of room for all my clothes.
A CD stack for all my CDs, enough room for my musical instruments and space for me to pin up my dance photos.
Pale colours and heaps of photos of family and friends. Oh and a few cuddly bears as well!