Your Perfect Home

Your Perfect Home

This quiz will tell you what the perfect home for you is, I really hope the results are good :)

published on January 24, 201292 responses 6 3.8★ / 5

How much money would you like/do you earn a year? (be realistic)

8,000 or less
8,000 - 12,000
13,000 - 18,000
19,000 - 38,000
39,000 or more

How many children would you like/do you have? (be realistic)

5 or more

How old are you now?

10 or below
28 or more
Rather not say!

What type of job do you want/ do you have? (be realistic)

Teacher or Doctor
Firefighter or Policeman/woman
Local supermarket or part time job
Actor/Actress or Singer

Do you enjoy your life the way it is now?

A little
Yes i'm loving it
Not really
When something good happens

Are you certain these answers are going to/have happened?

Yes it already has
No i'm too young
A few
Most but I'm not sure until they happen
Yes because I'm ready for it