who is your mythical lover?

who is your mythical lover?

is your lover a vampire? werewolf? daemon? or an angel? find out through this quiz! <that was corny..XD have fun!>

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You wake up to see the sun shining through your window, as you leave your house you bump into a boy thats quite tall and fit. He has dark brown hair and almost golden eyes, you think...

He sure is cute but not quite my type
Gosh those ares are gorgeous
Love his dark hair
This boy is defiantly my type!

You pass by the boy with a smile and walk on. You reach the bus stop and sit next to a man with golden hair. He looks over at you with his crystal blue eyes and smiles nicely. You think...

Oh wow he is just beautiful
He has the sweetest smile.
He seems nice but just isnt my type.
He has really striking hair!

You wave bye to the blonde haired man and get on the bus. As you are standing a man in a black coat walks up beside you. You look up at him and he is watching you. You swear his eyes are red, you are thinking...

i want to smile but i cant stop looking at him
His eyes are strange
He sure seems...interesting
I wonder where he is going

Your get off the bus watching the man, and walk on down the street. Its now the end of the day and your walking home when you bump into a man with long black hair and deep dark eyes. at first your startled, you thinking...

oh my god i didnt even see him there!
Who is this...man...
Why cant i stop staring at him..

Your slowly walk around him as he is watching you, and you speedily walk on your way home. when you get home you sit down and think about your strange day..

who was that man that i last bumped into?
Will i see that blonde haired man again?
I want to see that golden eyed boy
That man on the bus was really something amazing