are you pretty?

are you pretty?

please take the quiz!!!!!!!!!!! comment your answers!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

published on January 23, 2012303 responses 71
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what kind hair do you have?

long dirty blond
straight dark brown or black
long wavy blond
super short dark brown
straight thin red
shoulder height brown with bangs

what color eyes do you have?

bright green
super dark brown
brownish greenish

what kind of skin do you have?

white covered in freckles
white with a small tan
black but not too dark
super dark black

what kind of eye shadow do you usually put on?

dark gold or a smokey eye
a light touch of gold or silver
hot pink
light blue
a light purple or yellow

do you think that you are pretty?

yes I do
NO i'm hideous
maybe a little
i don't think i'm pretty but i'm not ugly

what kind of jewelry do you usually wear?

huge big necklaces and huge earrings with diamonds all
over them
some thin bracelets and small earrings
just some big old day earrings
small hoop earrings and lots of thin bracelets

how do you usually have your hair?

everything pulled back in a tight bun
let down
down sometimes over my eye
in a pony tail

whats your usual expression?

smile warmly but i'm also shy sometimes
a sassy frown, shows that i'm better than everyone
a happy smile
i'm always changing expressions