Do You Keep It A Bean Or Are You Fake ?

Do You Keep It A Bean Or Are You Fake ?

I KNOW SO MANY FAKE GIRLS , And If You're One I Don't Like You ( : CUZ I KEEP IT A BEAN !

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Your friend is wearing an ugly outfit And You Know It's Ugly , what do you say ?

Nothing , I Don't Wanna Hurt Her Feelings .
'' Girl , You Think You Walking Around With
Me Like That ?'' And Then Laugh , Then Say
, No But Seriously , Let's Go Change !
'' You Sure That's What You Wanna Wear ?''

You See Something Black on Someone You Juss Met Teeth , Do You tell Her ?

Hell Yeah I Tell Her ! That's Distracting !
I Would Laugh And Stare , Maybe She'll no If
I Do That .

Your Mom Asks You If Whatever She Has On Looks Right , And It Don't Do You Tell Her ?

Yupp !
I Would Say , It's Alright .
No .

would You Date Rick Ross If He Asked ?

Yeah , He GOT MONEY !
For A Day .

If Your Friend Say Something That Is Meant To Be Funny , Do You Laugh Even If It's Not ?

Maybe .
Haha ! NO .
Yeah ,