are you going to be a good mom

are you going to be a good mom

Find Out What Kind Of Mom You're Going To Be When You Grow Up , A Good Caring One , Or A Bad Selfish One ?

published on January 23, 2012117 responses 19
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Do You Clean Or Cook For Your Family ?

umm , For The Most Part .
Nope , I Don't Even No How Too .
Sometimes .

If You Won A Million Dollars , What Would You Do ?

Buy Stuff For My Younger Relatives .
I Can Make A Whole List Of All The Stuff I
Would Buy For Me ( ;
Buy Stuff For Me , But Atleast One Thing For All My Younger Relatives .

Let's Suppose Your Child Says The Word , '' NO '' , What Do You Do ?

Just Let It Go .
Put He/she On Some Kind Of Punishment .
Yell At Them .

Do You Play With Your Younger Relatives ?

Uhm , Well No . I Have A Lot Of Other Stuff
To Do .
Yess , I Love Them So Very Much . I Love To
See Them Smile ,
Sometimes ,

When Your Younger Relatives Ask If He/she Can Have Something , What DO You Do ?

Get It Right Away !
Pretend Like I Don't Hear Them And Keep Doing
What I Was Doing .
Sometimes , I Just Don't Feel Like It So I Won't . But When I'm NOT Doing Something , Sure .

When Your Younger Relative Tell You Something Good They Did , What Do You Do ?

Reward Them In Some Kinda Way .
Give Them A Fake , '' Oo , Good Job . ''
Give Them A High Five .

Do You Even Want Kids ?

Nope , I Wanna Be Able To Live My Life And
Not Worry About A Thing .
I SURE Do , I Would Love To Bring A New Life
In This World .
One Is Good For Me (: