Team Chaotix wwffy

Team Chaotix wwffy

Instead of an original Sonic wwffy, I brining in the Chaotix! Yeah, so your options are Espio, Vector, Charmy, and Mighty,

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You were at the park hanging out with your bestie, Ezra

You were at the park hanging out with your bestie, Ezra
Hey! It's you! (I know)
Hey Ezra did you hear that... and that... (You talk WAY too much)
You look so pretty as a human (What about me as a mobian?) You look pretty as a mobian (Thanks! I like you!)
Why the park? (Because I said so!)

"So... what do you want to talk about?"

Anything, I don't care
Friends and Family

"I'm sorry." I said. "For what?" You asked. "I cant make it to your birthday party tomorrow. There's a crisis back where my other friends are and I'm need there very bad."

But you are the only person I invited! (That's so sad :'( )
Oh, okay (Don't worry. I'll be back.)
Something bad is going to happen (Probably >:) )
Fine. Whatever, I'll fun without you. (Um... okay)

"Hey, don't worry. You invited other people right?" "No, you're the only person that I invited." I frowned and got up. "Maybe I can bring you with me, but..."

But what?! (I'm afraid you'll get hurt)
YAY! I'm going to Mo-(Ah! No don't say it!) Money!
Please take me! (Okay, okay!)
What? It's not like I'm going to get hurt (That's what I'm afraid of)

"Come on please!" "Okay, okay, but you can't freak out." I said. You nodded and I dragged you into the woods. "Promise not to freak out?" "I promise." "Okay then." I said. I said some crazy words in a different language and a portal appeared.

OMG! You're a alien (No I'm not)
Just like in your story where Sarah-Su made a portal to come and see you (Good job)
^What is a2 talking about (Read Ezra the Wolfbit and you'll find out)

"What the-" I banged a frying pan on your head and knocked you out.

What's your deal with frying pans? (*Hides frying pan behind back* Nothing)
*passed out* (YAY! Someone in character)
Why did you do that? (Why do I do the things I do?)
Something is weird about you Ezra. (What makes you say that?)

My P.O.V: I dragged you through the portal and changed back into my mobian self. I looked at ___ and saw the she turned into a mobian too. "oh no, she's gonna flip." I said. I saw Mighty and waved. "Mighty! Over here!" I yelled.

OMG! Mighty is in this? (Uh, yeah. Did you not read the description?) No. (Oh -_-)
*Still knocked out* (*Talking to Mighty*)
What does P.O.V. mean? (Point of view)
What does ___ mean? (You're name)

"Who's that?" Mighty asked pointing to you. "That's my friend ___. She's here to help." "Why is she knocked out? Did you hit her with a frying pan?" Mighty asked. I hide a frying pan behind my back. "Maybe, but she may freak out when she wakes up. She is from the human world"

I see that frying pan! (What frying pan *Hides pan behind back*
Wait, do you like Mighty (No!)
^Yeah, she is dating Espio (*Blushes* Yeah)
^^ Wait, then why is he an option? (*Sighs* I don't know)

Me and Mighty dragged you back to Team Chaotix's and were greeted by the rest of the team. "Hey Ezra." Espio said kissing me on the cheek. "Ew get a room!" Charmy said sticking out his tongue

Ha! Ha! Ha! Way to go Charmy! (>:( )
Espio and Ezra sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! (*Blushes*)
Keep away from my man! *Gets in fighting position* (Bring it on! *Gets in fighting position*)
^Oh come on you guys! No fighting *Keeps a3 and Ezra separated* (Fine!>:( )

"Who's the girl?" Charmy asked. "Ezra's friend." Mighty replied. There was a big boom and a robot grabbed you and took you away. "Oh no!" I yelled. "We have to save ___!"

It's Dr. Eggman! (Maybe)
OMG! Save me! (We will)
Am I still passed out? (Yeah, I hit you on the head pretty hard)
Yep, I'm dead. (Don't be so negative)

Your P.O.V.: You woke up in a strange tube. You looked down at your self and saw that you were a... Find out in the results! Bye!