What Is Your Love Type

What Is Your Love Type

I made this for the contest, XD also I hope this helps you out in life! enjoy, and don't be offended please ;P

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When was Your first kiss, and how do you feel about it

Never had a love, or kiss
Never Wanted To
A lot...
A lot, and at least it's for him/her💋
No, love and affection is better
Never wanted to

How do you feel about marrige

I can wait
It'll be the perfect choice
No one wants to :( but I do
Of course, duhhhh

Does anyone like you

Never, ever
Yes, the same one for a while
Yeh, but I can resist
Yes, and I love him back

Do you like anyone

Yes, but they are dating
Yes, and they love me back
I love anyone who loves me

Do you ever want a family

Yes and I cant wait
Yes, it'll be beautiful
I can wait
I probably want have one, but I want one