what is your warrior cat rank?

this is a quiz i made so you can find your warrior cat rank i hope you ENJOY and i hope you had the best time in your life.

published on December 19, 201514 responses 5
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RP time. what would you do if an elder was burning in a forest fire?

run to the leader for help
wine and cry for help
run into the fire to save the elder
risk all your life to save the elder
help the leader save the elder
tell a warrior then run and get herbs
tell someone then go save your kits

what would you want at the end of your name?

doesn't matter

if a kit was drowning from another clan what would you do?

yell for help
run to the leader for help
risk everything for the kit
jump in the water beside the leader to help
jump in the water and try your best to save the kit
check if it is your kit
tell someone then go get herbs

if your mom was sick and the sickness was spreading what would you do?

stay with her
be scared but stay with her
get herbs to save her from the sickness
pray to star-clan
stay with her and make her last minutes count
talk to the medicine cat to find a way to keep her alive
have more kits to take her place

who do you look up to?

a leader
a kit
an apprentice
a queen
a warrior
a deputy
a medicine cat