Are You Popular Or A Nerd

Are You Popular Or A Nerd

Learn your identity. Popular or Nerd. You never know what you might be... this is such a stereotype though so don't get offended.

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There's a party your invited too. But you got to study for a test worth 75 percent of your grade. What do you do.

Study for the quiz. I gotta get a GPA of 4.0.
Go to the party Duh

You get a GPA of 3.75 what is your reaction.

Grrrrr I am so mad. Next year I'm getting 4.0.😡😡
Yah! That's pretty good
. Let me text my friend about it.

is your car old and damaged?

No way! How dare you ask.
Honestly it's a little damaged. JK my dad's car is so wrecked.

Your going to the science museum. Your reaction.

WOOHOO YAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Could I bring my phone. I need to text my mom to get me out of this.

To you wear cool cloths to school?

Yup all the time.
On rare ocations I guess.

You weren't invited to a party. Your reaction?

I bet they don't even know how to party without me. Grrrrrrrrrr 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Whatever. I don't get invited to many parties anyways.