What animal are you most like? (1)

What animal are you most like? (1)

This quiz will tell you your animal match! Pe joy this amazing quiz xxx

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It is almost time for school/work, where are you usually found?

In bed
Lost not knowing your supposed to go anywhere
Dreaming about what it would be like to be magic or live in the clouds
Up and ready for fresh air

Only 1 min till lunch, what are you thinking?

Food... I want food
Must get my work done! That comes first
Does magic exist...? I want glitter bread
Yes! Lunch... That's when I go to the park!
When's lunch again?

What's your dream house like?

A magic castle in the clouds
Something comftorbe full of beds
Colourful, with other people
Lots of garden! Full of places to explore!
Somewhere where I can practice tricks! Ohh and a pool!

What's your fave colour out of-

Anything! I love colour
Blue, like the ocean
I don't care, I wanna sleep
Green, I love the open air
Mystical, magical colours

What's your fave animal out of-