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I want to get to know q feast-ers so i am making this quiz comment and follow me please

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Your bff wants to go to a movie with you on thursday and she really wanted to see it but you are going on a date eith your bf want do you do?

tell her that "you wanted to see the movie! not me"
tell your boyfriend "we can go out another time"
tell your boyfriend that "my bff needs me"

Your rich, your best friend wants a $800 dress, want do you do?

i won't buy it for her, but i'll buy it for me!
i will buy it!
maybe i'll buy it i just need to think for a while

Your big sis is going to collage today feel?

you start crying and run up to your room crying uncontrollably
i hate her anyway!
i would be sad, but i'll see her in a few years that's the good part about it right?

a bully hits you first, what do you do?

go off crying
kill them!
hit them back they can't touch me!

your bff is being bullied what do you do?

i watch happily
i don't know what to do! i don't even know how to fight that well!
stand up for them! and start fighting!

your bf's little brother is bothering your lil sis what do you do?

i love my sister in pain!
i scold him and tell me bf
i hit his little brother older or not i'm not afraid! he can't hit on girls!