What Type of Girl are You? (13)

What type of girl are you? Not sure? Then take this quiz to find out! Answers you can get: Baddie, Girly, Soft, Party Animal, Tomboy, Mix.

published on January 27, 202127 responses 4
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Okay, lets start with something simple. What's your favorite color(s)?

I dunno, black, grays maybe.
R a i n b o w ✨
Oh, how do you expect me to choose?!
Pastel colors, they're cute.

It's finally the weekend!! What will you be doing?

It's finally the weekend!! What will you be doing?
Hm.. Probably listen to music, mess around with my friends, y'know, the usual.
Well, I've been invited to a party, I can't just- NOT go!!
Um.. Well I might read a bit, or bake. Oh.. or maybe I'll go to my friends house.
Ima be chilling with the boys.✨
SHOPPING!! You can NEVER have to many clothes.
AhH- Maybe hang out with my friends- Oh but I also wanted to see that new movie.- I
don't know yet??

You are walking through the halls and see your friend being shoved by a tall, mean looking kid. You:

K i l l t h e m. They should've known better than to mess with my bestie.
Scold them. What do they think they're doing?
Make them pay. Oh, even I know that's a lie.. probably run away.
They'll be ok./ Intimidate the bully.
"Oh my god!" Run up to your friend and make sure they're alright!
Oh, that bully sure does look mean. But I can't leave my friend- I don't know!
What friends? *sad laughter*
What do you mean? I'm the one bullying them. Duh.

Who is your favorite singer? (Of these)

Who is your favorite singer? (Of these)
JuiceWrld -._-.
Taylor swift. (Songs like "Shake it off)
Melanie Martinez../ Alec Benjamin
Eh- Lil Mosey maybe?
Doja Cat!
I have a wide variety./ All of them!! / Uh.. none of these.

When you're having a hard/bad day, what would your friends find you doing?

When you're having a hard/bad day, what would your friends find you doing?
What do you mean? I'd be WITH my friends!/ Probably complaining to someone about it.
I don't know. /Depends..
Lol, you guessed it. Shopping!
I don't know.. probably cussing myself out?
Are we being honest here? Oh, then, probably crying in bed.
Most likely listening to music./ Playing a sport.

You hear fighting kn the room next to yours and find your brother and sister fighting- again. You:

*Aggressively starts throwing pillows at them*
Ignore them. They aren't worth my precious time anyways.
*Probably crying/ whining for them to stop*
Yell at them? "SHUT UP!!"
*Waiting to see who wins the fight, cheering them on*
I mean- I'm probably the one fighting my sibling.

You're home alone and it's getting dark at about 7:30 pm. Suddenly there's a loud knock at the door. Frightened, you:

Grab a knife to be safe and ignore it.
Open the door. "What you want?"
Run upstairs to my room and peek out the window.
Call my best friend and insist someone's breaking in.
Turn the T.V. down and pretend nobody is home./ Answer the door 'politely'
PANIC!/ Don't do anything.

Did you enjoy this?

I don't know- Sure I guess?
Well, it could've been better.
It was nice! Thank you!
Yeah, I like it.
I don't like it.
It's amazing!