Which style of Harajuku fits your character? (REMASTERED)

Which style of Harajuku fits your character? (REMASTERED)

I previously made a personality quiz along the same lines as this. However, it was short, brief and very incapable of any outside attention. Therefore, I am here to remaster it.

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Your friends want to know if you would like to go to the mall! Pick a store! <3

Hot Topic/Spencer's.
Forever 21.
Sanrio Store.
I'd rather stay at home.

How do you cope with death?

Write a soft song about it.
Listen to extreme metal.
How do I cope with what now. Doesn't even bother me. #CircleOfLife
Human death? No way. Animal death? I'll cry a thousand rivers.

Your turn with the AUX cord. What are you playing?

Cannibal Corpse
My Chemical Romance
Ariana Grande
Billie Eilish
Idk any country artists but *insert country singer here*
S*x Pistols.
Eevee and other lofi hip-hop.

Your dream outfit?

Extremely nonconforming. Punk attire, pins, and gauges.
Cute and minimalist. Nothing too attention-getting.
Emo. Very emo.
Expensive jeans and a designer jacket with the patch of your favorite brand. A cute purse on the side.
Uh, I don't care.

A friend decides to message you "Hello". What do you respond with?

I don't even read it.
Say hello back, hold a small talk, and then eventually end the convo like 5 minutes later.
Say hello and immediately become talkative about EVERY SUBJECT.
Leave them on read.

Don't kill me but... favorite color?

Ask me again and I'll strangle you.

Best date in the world?

Extreme metal concert. Plus, moshing.
A romantic picnic.
A fancy dinner.
A cute ballroom dance with a big dress.
Art/Historic museum.
Driving around a city.
Watching football in a bar.
In my room. Watching movies. BY MYSELF.