Which style of Harajuku fits your character? (REMASTERED)

I previously made a personality quiz along the same lines as this. However, it was short, brief and very incapable of any outside attention. Therefore, I am here to remaster it.

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Which style of Harajuku fits your character? (REMASTERED)
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Your turn with the AUX cord. What are you playing?

Cannibal Corpse
My Chemical Romance
Ariana Grande
Billie Eilish
Idk any country artists but *insert country singer here*
S*x Pistols.
Eevee and other lofi hip-hop.

Your dream outfit?

Extremely nonconforming. Punk attire, pins, and gauges.
Cute and minimalist. Nothing too attention-getting.
Emo. Very emo.
Expensive jeans and a designer jacket with the patch of your favorite brand. A cute purse on the side.
Uh, I don't care.

Your friends want to know if you would like to go to the mall! Pick a store! <3

Hot Topic/Spencer's.
Forever 21.
Sanrio Store.
I'd rather stay at home.

Best date in the world?

Extreme metal concert. Plus, moshing.
A romantic picnic.
A fancy dinner.
A cute ballroom dance with a big dress.
Art/Historic museum.
Driving around a city.
Watching football in a bar.
In my room. Watching movies. BY MYSELF.

Don't kill me but... favorite color?

Ask me again and I'll strangle you.

A friend decides to message you "Hello". What do you respond with?

I don't even read it.
Say hello back, hold a small talk, and then eventually end the convo like 5 minutes later.
Say hello and immediately become talkative about EVERY SUBJECT.
Leave them on read.

How do you cope with death?

Write a soft song about it.
Listen to extreme metal.
How do I cope with what now. Doesn't even bother me. #CircleOfLife
Human death? No way. Animal death? I'll cry a thousand rivers.