Will you fail school?

Its a question we all don't want to know the answer to, But one we must eventually face up to! Just for a laugh!!!✴

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Do you look forward to school?

In my parents dreams!
Depends :\

What's your attitude towards school?

Its my favourite place♥
Its ookkk
It actually sucks ****

Your homework is always:

Handed in on time!♥
In when it should be!

Teachers think of you as :

Ignorent , rude, cocky.
A clever , maybe cheeky student
The class favourite and pet

You want to :

Pass school!
Pass school with distinction!
Leave school, I hate it!

Your parents :

Want you to succeed in school!
To be happy in school!
Don't care what I even do in school

Your respect for teachers is ;

OK, just depends which teacher!
Outstanding , I respect them all.
Lacking, disgraceful.

How many detentions have you had this year (so far)?

0 - 1
2 - 6

People think you're :


Your friends think you're ;


Your family think that you'll :

Fail school :(
Pass school♥
Be super succesfull ✳

You feel as though :

You're doing terrible at school
You could improve at school
You're doing amazing at school

Last but not least! (Answer honestly♥✴) you think that you will ;

FAIL school :\
Pass school✴
Do brilliant !!!!