Are you a boy or girl? (2)

I'm a girl but I act like a boy so y'all I'll just make this quiz different than the other "Are you a boy or a girl?"I'm still guessing do

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How bored are you mostly?1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1,I'm not that bored mostly,i mean im barely/rarely bored
2,oh miss click... Hey there(are you're nails to big I mean long to touch the
iPhone/keyboard?get it...?no,that they touch it for you?get it,lame joke.
3,because I'm taking this so I can be fixed/un bored because I was so bored before but this already has happened before twice so yeah (I get it,the same thing happens to me a lot)
4,I like being with my mom but she is so boring...sigh(same even my/moms friend is better at least not that boring yet)
5,I'm bored half day half not(me to)you're ju-(in school days)
10,I'm always bored(take my "bored quiz"but I'm alrea-(take it after your done)
9,get it a few more years(I didn't ask for you r age)

So,what kinda anime do you watch?

Not such thing(not even Japan anime or are you doing a joke that I hate?)not such thing(he/she is a robot)what did you say about me?
Japanese anime like sailor moon inuyasha umaru(take my "will you be my friend quiz"when you are done with this one,please.keep it secret do)
English(don't you know how to read?japanese is better.)

What do you do in your free time?

Whatch anime play video games and am read computer quiz be like umaru (take my"are you my friend quiz"after your done with this one)
Play with dolls (you suck like Kirby)
Go shopping
Go get some food go to time out pizza grousery and ice cream(take my are you my friend quiz)I'm not done.go to the movies get candy visit my friends house get macaroons play video games whatch anime use the computer go to game stop get a big hot bath listen to music and go to sleep before going to sleep use my game 3ds or phone done(your already my friend ok)ok

What's your favorite color,sorry

Not answering (you have to)
Not answering I said(do it)
Other(wich)o reminds me lets see on wish what they have
Other(not again)

So what do you wear?

Some black leggings and a black skirt
Pants and shirt
Done(I'm not changing)a skirt and bras(what you're going to the beach/pool take me to)and a shirt on top there(Nani core/what!)did you say something.(she was changing!im so embarrassing stupid)what happened?(I'm extremely stupid!)il guess I'll leave...(mate/wait!
Pigs (what in the world/Nani core)pajamas I meant(ooooooooh)
Nothing (taking a bath huh)no I have to get changed
What ever

Why don't we talk?

About what?(well what are you doing right now?)reading(some manga)no the answers for the quiz
Now what(a joke,ghost:what do you want for lunch?girl:make it a surprise ghost:alright boo!)


Hello from the other side
Hey was up hello
Lol(trollololololololololololol he he he he hey ho ho ho ho ho)
What I'm I supposed to say?

Favorite song

April lavinge (lol)(I get it)
Not such thing (you suck)
Rock ("looking for a song"this one is totally rocking metal like rock"plays" "starts singing")"singing"

Favorite food?

Candy,cake,ice cream and pizza also popcorn.(let's go to the movies)
I already am in the movies ,slowpoke

Did you like this qui z?

"Floshing"hock it yock it it stinks (just like you)that's so mean